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Field Trips

Chris Cobb with Cox Health Prosthetics and Orthotics

Our first field trip of the semester took us to Cox Health Prosthetics and Orthotics in Springfield, MO. Chris Cobb was kind enough to show us around the custom prosthetic and orthotic lab and give us some insight about the fabrication process. There is much that goes into making a custom orthotic from the initial consultation with the client to measuring, fabricating, and fitting. They do their job incredibly!

We also got to see the outpatient side of the facility. This is where the physical therapists help individuals needing outpatient physical therapy. We had hinted that they might benefit from an occupational therapist being on staff. =)

Taken from their website

"Prosthetics We offer all forms of above and below the knee prosthetic care, including: transfemoral, knee disarticulation, transtibial, hip distarticulation and hemi-pelvectomy, Symes, partial foot and toe fillers, upper extremity, Orthotics and Bracing (custom and pre-fabricated), ankle-foot orthosis, knee-ankle-foot orthosis (AFO/KAFO), comprehensive pediatrics sevices, including cranial remolding helmets, wrist, hand, elbow, knee, spinal, foot orthotics, DM shoes, custom shoes

Outpatient Therapy
Conveniently housed in the same facility, our therapy team offers comprehensive rehabilitation services. They work closely with the prosthetics and orthotics staff and have specialized training in amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation. Physical therapists support patients at every stage – from pre-prosthesis care to gait training afterward. They also help patients understand how to properly use orthotics."

Tim Lehman Missouri State University, Missouri Assistive Technology

Tim Lehman is head of the Assistive Technology department at Missouri State University. Mr. Lehman is blind but extremely capable of doing things better than most of us with sight. He is truly doing amazing things for the blind community. Mr. Lehman let us use these goggles that simulated what it would be like to be in his shoes. He had adapted so many objects and has an adaptive computer that is really cool.

James Rees, Sport Adaptations, pressure mapping for seating systems

Mr. Rees and the whole team of ATP's came to visit the class. I think they brought the entire team. We were honored to have them come and spend the afternoon with us explaining what ATPs do and talk about wheelchair and powerchair systems. We also learned how we, as Occupational Therapists, and themselves work together. This was such a fantastic experience and I hope I can work with them in the future with some of my ideas! They have a really exciting pressure mapping system to allow them to fit the proper seat for the client. Amazing tech!
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